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Administrative Committees - Fiscal Year 2014

APT Committee. The Appointments, Promotion and Tenure Committee evaluate faculty performance annually and make recommendations to the Chair regarding performance as well as promotion or tenure matters. Members also review secondary faculty credentials for consideration of promotion and/or tenure.


Chairman's Advisory Committee. This committee meets monthly to discuss and advise the Chair concerning important departmental policies and practices. Members have been instrumental in developing guidelines for space planning and teaching assignments, changing the APT process, developing the faculty compensation plan, managing the departmental self-study, and operational issues.


Core Facilities Committee. This committee develops business plans, sets annual goals, and works to improve the performance of the cores.


Equipment Committee. This committee makes recommendations concerning the purchase and maintenance of departmental equipment.


Safety & Hurricane Preparedness Committee. This committee is responsible for preparing for and assessing damages after a hurricane or disaster. The Chair also provides training for new employees in safety and equipment use and maintenance.


Seminar Committee. This committee selects and hosts seminar speakers in program areas of bacteriology/parasitology, immunology and virology. Members work closely with the Department of Pathology to host an interdepartmental seminar series on infection and immunity.


Scientist Development. This committee focuses on career development for faculty and research scientists at different levels. Faculty grant workshops are organized to foster new ideas, collaborations, and grant preparation. The committee works with the Academy of Research Mentors (ARM) for mentoring support for junior faculty, and provides assistance for research scientists to enhance their professional growth and career advancement.


Educational Committees

  • Executive Committee
  • Curriculum Committee
  • Admissions Committee
  • Recruitment Committee