Flowcore Information

Online Data

How do I get my data and graphics?

This access is granted to authenticated users of the UTMB network only. Thus, you must be logged into the UTMB master domain. If you are logged into Microsoft Outlook and your email is visible you are already in.

Add the iSpace: Xythos Drive to your Computer
Windows 32-bit Client

This version of Xythos Drive is auto-configured upon installation.

Windows 64-bit Client

This version of Xythos Drive is auto-configured upon installation.

Mac Client

This version of Xythos Drive is a pilot release. Once the pilot project ends, you will be required to remove this version and install the final release version.

Add (map) the Collaboration Volume as described in the links above, and look for the iSpace Core Lab folder (highlighted below)..

Where to find the Collaboration Folderr

Open the Flow Cytometry folder and explore the data folders and the educational folders on flow cytometry. There is ample reading material for those wanting to be trained in instrument use as well as the online raw data folders from the last month of experiments. These folders are listed by investigator name.

Who is responsible for keeping this data?

All users of the lab are advised to copy their new data to their own mass storage devices within one month of collection and to keep a copy of it in their labs. It is not stored by us for more than one month. Even if you do not do your own analysis, these files are your primary scientific data for your flow cytometry experiments (not the printout), and you have an obligation to keep it (a minimum of 5 years is recommended).