Jere McBride, PhDJere McBride, PhD
Departments of Pathology and Microbiology & Immunology
Graduate Program Director, Experimental Pathology

Phone: (409) 747-2498
Fax: (409) 747-2455

Education: PhD, 1997, University of California, Davis, CA
MS, 1993, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA
BA, 1987, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA

Overview: Obligately intracellular bacteria; pathobiology, immunity, molecular pathogenesis, vaccine development and diagnostics.

Research Interests

Ehrlichia spp. are obligately intracellular bacteria that provide an excellent model system to study interkingdom molecular interactions between prokaryotes and eukaryotes involved in infection and immune evasion. The research focus of Dr. McBride's laboratory is in three areas, 1) understanding the molecular pathobiology of Ehrlichia infection, 2) defining the molecular basis of humoral immunity to Ehrlichia, and 3) development of vaccines, diagnostics and therapeutics for the ehrlichioses. Through our investigations, we have defined immunoprotective proteins/epitopes, investigated mechanisms of immunity, identified many novel molecular pathogen‐host protein†protein, protein-DNA interactions between Ehrlichial effectors and a diverse array of eukaryotic targets. Our laboratory is also investigating how Ehrlichia exploit exploit host evolutionarily conserved host cell pathways to alter host defenses and promote infection and survival.

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