Sanjiv Sur, MDSanjiv Sur, MD
Departments of Internal Medicine, Allergy, Asthma and Microbiology & Immunology

Phone: (409)772-3411
Fax: (409)772-5841

Education: MD, 1983, Medical College, Kanpur, India
MBBS, 1980, Medical College, Kanpur University Kanpur, India

Overview: Allergic sensitization and asthma using molecular biology tools, role of genes in asthma.

Research Interests

Dr. Sur will pursue the hypothesis is that reactive oxygen species (ROS) generated by interaction of intrinsic NADPH oxidases in pollens with NADPH in airway lining fluid provides a critical second signal that activates MAP kinases and induces of expression of genes in the lungs that augment mucin production, airway inflammation and AHR in allergic asthma. Three specific aims are proposed:

    1. Activation of MAP kinases by Signal 2 mediates induction of genes and gene products that facilitate trafficking of dendritic and Th2-cells and augment mucin production in airway epithelial cells.
    2. Elevated levels of 4-HNE and GSSG in the lungs directly potentiate airway inflammation, AHR and mucin production in naïve mice, and induce specific genomic signatures in the lungs.
    3. MAP kinases regulate subsets of Signal 2-sensitive global genomic signature in lungs.

This project will define the molecular mechanisms of signal 2-induced pathways and will fundamentally shift our understanding of the mechanisms of initiation of allergic inflammation in asthma from a one-signal paradigm to a novel two-signal pathway.

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