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About the LACER Group

The Latin American Coalition for Escherichia coli Research (LACER) was created in response to the need of a group that is dedicated to the promotion and expansion of the research efforts in the region and it can prepare the next generation of Latin American E. coli investigators. LACER consists of multidisciplinary network of more than 50 international research groups working on pathogenic E. coli and located in 9 countries in Latin America and the USA, with the ultimate goal of advancing our understanding and disseminating the E. coli research in our region.

Experts from these partner institutions will come together at regional and national conferences to discuss current research and establish key collaborative partnerships. Further, LACER will produce books, review articles and peer-review-publications to disseminate information about the prevalent and emergent E. coli strains present in the region with the goal of promoting investigation in the areas of genomics, epidemiology, pathogenesis, vaccine development and therapeutics.