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Microbiology and Immunology Seminars

The Department sponsors a weekly seminar series involving a large number of outstanding speakers (mostly from other institutions) each year. This seminar series provides an excellent opportunity for students and faculty alike to keep abreast of recent developments in microbiology and immunology. The Department also sponsors a weekly research-in-progress seminar. This is usually given by a student in the graduate program, a postdoctoral fellow or a UTMB faculty member. In addition, the weekly Immunology Forum allows an opportunity for all of the immunologists on the UTMB campus to get together for lunch each week during the school year, and to present to each other their current research efforts. Several other microbiology-related seminar series exist in other departments, including the weekly Colloquium on Tropical Diseases held in the Department of Pathology, and the weekly seminar series of the Division of Infectious Diseases in the Department of Internal Medicine.