General Lab Policies

Facility Hours: Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM

All Users
All Users will need to register with the iLab system to be able to utilize the Flow Cytometry Lab. To register with the iLab system follow the directions on the Registration Page.

This lab is a BSL-2 lab. BSL-2 training, and precautions are required.  See our BSL2 Requirement page for more information.

Rates and Cancellation Policies


Unassisted Rate

Assisted Rate










Aria Fusion



MidiMACS Magnets

$25/day for 2N/A




BioPlex II Plate Washer



Data Analysis Workstation


Minimum Charges

  • Analyzers have a minimum charge of 30 minutes. 30 minutes allows enough time for calibration of the instrument, proper experimental set up, cleaning and data exporting.
  • Sorters have a minimum charge of 1 hour. 1 hour allows enough time for calibration of the instrument, proper experimental set up, quick sample sorting, cleaning, and data exporting.

Cancellation Policy

  • Sorter appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours noticed will be charged a flat fee of $70. If you need to cancel within 24 hours’ notice for extenuating circumstances, please speak with core staff as exceptions can be made.

After Hours Access
Basic Trained Users can request access to use the instruments after normal hours such as on the weekend or on holidays. To request after-hours access and become an advanced trained user please contact the manager.

HIPAA Policy for the Facility
The facility follows the HIPAA guidelines for UTMB. All human patient samples must be completely de-identified, and unable to be traced back to that person by name or patient ID.

Data Management
USB/thumb drive use is strictly prohibited.
Contact staff for problems with data upload/retrieval.
Experiment data is routinely deleted from instruments. Only 1 month worth of data is stored on instruments.
Users are responsible for ensuring data is uploaded to the archive (Flow Core SharePoint).