FlowJo Licenses

FlowJo will soon release an updated version of FlowJo (v11). Unlike previous upgrades, FlowJo 11 will no longer be backwards compatible with the dongle system. The UTMB Flow Cytometry Core now has a FlowJo Portal site license. This site license will offer you the ability to always have the latest version of FlowJo.

Some things you can look forward to in FlowJo v11:  FlowJo Version 11 will have multiple upgraded features. FlowJo 11 will be faster, and it will be easier to compare multiple samples at one time. Additionally, there will be a new quality control feature which ensure users are looking at high quality data. There will also be increased capacity for statistical analysis including new statistical graphing features. Finally, there will be more built-in plugins for data dimension reduction (ie tSNE & UMAP) as well as clustering algorithms (ie XShift, FlowSOM, FlowMeans and Phenograph) making it easier to explore and analyze high-dimensional data.

Some information and benefits about joining the Site License: This license will allow you to have a username and password that can be used on up to 4 computers throughout the year. The 4-computer flexibility is not meant to replace 4 licenses as they cannot run the software simultaneously. The FlowJo Portal site license will allow users to analyze their data from anywhere as long as they have access to a computer with FlowJo and internet. Additionally, FlowJo v11 will only be compatible with the FlowJo Portal system.

Cost for joining the Site License: We are switching to the new portal system in August 2022. There will be a $290 annual cost per license.

Please contact the Flow Cytometry Core if you would like to join our FlowJo Site License or if you have any questions about it.