Cell background

Administrative Structure

The Department is directed by the Chair, Scott C. Weaver, MS, PhD. Fiscal operations are jointly managed by the ASG1 Administrator, Rebekah Viner, MBA and Director, Business Operations AE, Ana Laura Ramos, who directly supervise the business office and support staff, and who report to the Chair.

Meetings of the entire faculty are generally held on a quarterly basis to discuss new developments within the Department and/or UTMB.

The Graduate Program in Microbiology and Immunology is directed by the Program Director and Vice Chair of Graduate Education, currently Lynn Soong, MD, PhD, who is elected to this position every two years by program faculty. The graduate school program coordinator is Aneth Zertuche.

Lynn Soong, MD, PhD, serves as the Vice Chair for Research, representing the department in the Vice Chair for Research Council and directing grant preparation workshops for faculty.