Required and Offered Courses:
Pathogenic Bacteriology (MICR 6315)

Summer 2018

Course Directors

Alfredo Torres, PhD | MRB, Room 4.142G | Ext. 70189

Vladimir Motin, PhD Keiller, Room 3.148 Ext. 23155

Course Coordinator

Aneth Zertuche MRB, Room 4.102 Ext. 22322


Recommended: Bacterial Pathogenesis, A Molecular Approach, 3rd Edition. Brenda A. Wilson, Abigail A. Salyers, Dixie D. Whitt, Malcolm E. Winkler. ASM Press, 2010. Available for rental at Amazon.

Helpful Web Resources

Download this free eBook collection of Journal of Bacteriology mini-reviews, Bacterial Pathogenesis and Interactions with the Host, at

American Society for Microbiology (ASM):

ASM Resource Library:

Course Format

Three one-hour lectures per week, four Journal Clubs spread throughout the semester, and critical thinking classes (5% of grade)


8:30 - 9:30 AM, Monday, Wednesday and Friday (MRB 4.145)

Exam I

June 4, 9:00 - 12:00, GNL 1.100

Exam II

July 2, 9:00 - 12:00, MRB 4.145

Final Exam

August 8, 9:00 - 12:00, MRB 4.145

Exam Policies

There are no make-up examinations. All examinations are in class, closed book/notes. Examinations are three hours.

Any appeals for grading changes regarding exam questions should be directed to the lecturer who wrote/graded the exam question within five (5) days after the return of the graded assessment to the student. Lecturers must report any grade changes to the co-directors.

Grading Structure

The final grade for the course will be determined by performance in the following components:

  1. Exams I, II and II: 90%
  2. Critical Thinking: 5%
  3. Journal Club Participation: 5%
  4. Completion of Evaluation Forms*

Grading may be subject to change at the discretion of the course co-directors. Grades will be determined using the GSBS grading scale:

90-100 = A
80-89 = B
70-79 = C
69 or below = F

* Students are required to complete one evaluation form for each faculty member teaching one or more lectures as part of their overall course grade. Typically, your constructive comments are requested in exchange for your graded exams. The critiques will remain anonymous and will be released to faculty members after all grades are finalized.

Excused Absences

Students can be excused from the lectures without penalty to their grade if an excused letter is obtained from either one of the co-directors in advance. However, students receive points for Journal Club and Critical Thinking discussions, and absences will affect the number of points you receive for those activities.

Professional Etiquette

Please come to class prepared, ready to participate, and on time. Class begins promptly at 8:30 AM and students will not be allowed to enter the room once the lecture has begun. To ensure an environment for constructive academic dialogue, the use of electronic devices (e.g., laptops, cell phones) is not allowed during class time.


Refer to Blackboard to obtain articles and presentations: