In-house Training Grants and Fellowships

McLaughlin FellowsSupport is available for Microbiology & Immunology students through in-house NIH training grants, as well as via fellowships offered by UTMB's McLaughlin Endowment for Infection and Immunity. Many graduate program faculty are members of these training programs. Students are also encouraged to apply for national fellowship programs and the Department assists students in preparing and submitting those applications.

T32 Pre-Doctoral Biodefense Training Program
Scott C. Weaver, PhD, Director
(409) 747-0758 |

T32 Training Program in Emerging and Neglected Tropical Diseases
Lynn Soong, MD, PhD, Director
(409) 772-8149 |

NIAID T35 Training Program
Lynn Soong, MD, PhD, Director
(409) 772-8149 |

McLaughlin Endowment
Ashok Chopra, PhD, CSc, Chair
(409) 747-0578 |